Lower Back

Lower back injuryPrevention is key Sports massage should play an important role in the life of everyone, whether they are injured or not. Sports Massage Therapy is for everyone. For injury. For pampering. For deep relaxation.

What is muscle strain?

Low back pain/ muscle strain or ruptures can occur in the back just like they can anywhere else in the body. A muscle strain (or tear) in the back is usually caused by a sudden movement or trying to lift something that is too heavy. The low back pain however is often a long time coming on as the muscles in the back gradually tighten up due to bad posture and overuse.

These muscles go into spasm and do not get enough blood through them resulting in weakness. So when someone complains of low back pain when they bend down to pick up a piece of paper and tear a muscle in the back, it is not just the piece of paper that caused it but a gradual build up of tension over weeks and months.

If you have suffered a direct blow to a muscle, particularly one near a bone then you must treat it as a contusion.

Symptoms include:

  • A sudden sharp pain in the back.
  • Possibly swelling or bruising over the area of the rupture.
  • Difficulty in moving – bending forwards, sideways or straightening.


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