Cervical Headache

Massage neckPrevention is key Sports massage should play an important role in the life of any person, whether they are injured or not. Sports Massage Therapy is for everyone. For injury. For pampering. For deep relaxation.

This headache takes its name because it originates in the cervical region of the spine.

These headaches are caused as a result of dysfunction in the muscles, joints, nerves or fascia in and around the neck region. Pain radiates towards the skull giving the sensation of a steady dull, ache.

Causes of cervical headache

  • Nerve compression in the between the neck bones
  • Abnormal tenderness in the neck tissues-associated with trigger points in certain muscles.
  • Limited neck range of movement i.e. ‘stiff neck’

Treatment of cervical headache

  • Massage to release tension in the muscles
  • Posture retraining


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