Back & Neck

Woman worker neck

Prevention is key Sports massage can play an important role in the life of everyone, whether they are injured or not. Sports Massage is for everyone. For injury. For pampering. For deep relaxation.


Upper back and neck injuries

  • Pain in the neck that does not radiate 
    Pain which is very localised to the neck
  • Pain in the neck that radiates to the shoulders and arms 
    Pain in the neck which may cause symptoms into the shoulders and arms
  • Inflammation of muscle attachments to the spine 
    Tenderness at the muscular attachment to the spine
  • Tight muscles in the upper back and neck 
    Common symptoms include a feeling of tightness and difficulty twisting the neck.
  • Stiff neck 
    An aching stiff neck which comes on for no apparent reason!
  • Neck strain 
    Injury to one or more muscles in the neck, causing pain and stiffness.
  • Cervical Posture Syndrome / Kyphosis 
    Upper back and neck pain with rounded shoulders and protruding jaw.
  • Whiplash
    Acceleration / deceleration injury.


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